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DigitalThemePark server not appearing on JoinFS Hubs List


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Hi there,


I few of us are experimenting with group flights, but we have one member who cannot see the DigitalThemePark server on the Public Hubs List. All the others are there, just DTP is missing. We have gone through and checked his settings, and they appear to be the same as mine. CAn anyone suggest what may be the isuue ?


Many thanks

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Greetings Zimmer46,


It is good to meet you.


The majority of us are on MSFS during the group flights instead of JoinFS. We do maintain JoinFS for those folks still on FSX/P3D.


I just tried to ping aviator.digitalthemepark.com and it seemed to work. I also checked folks currently online our JoinFS server and it looks to be around 57 folks. Let me know if your test is still showing offline.


You can also reach us through the DTP/FSC Discord or TeamSpeak.



-Todd, aka Zoolander64

Check out Flightsim.com "live" events and DigitalThemePark

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Hey thanks for the reply. We are using JoinFS as we have a mix of MSFS and FSX users, so it seemed the best option. I am online now and have no issues as do most of the others who join us. It is just one pilot who cannot see the DTP server on their list of public hubs. We have tried many things to resolve it for him, but no success.


The pilot with the issue has tried MSFS and FSX versions of JoinFS



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Just to let everyone know. Do not rely on ping (ICMP) as a way to verify whether a site is up or not. In fact, ICMP was never made for that purpose. The reason is that some servers (probably a good majority) may block an ICMP packet for security reasons like the so-called "ping of death."


Checking myself, it looks like the subdomain (aviator) is offline. But digitalthemepark.com is not and is accessible.


Extra credit: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ICMP_tunnel

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