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Understanding how the variable pitch/power settings work on the DH2 Beaver

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The DH2 is a great machine and its simulation in FS2020 is amazing, however I need educating on how the propellor / power settings work.


I am flying along in cruise at 5,000ft straight and level with the MP at 26" and the propellor at 2000 rpm.


If I push the MP to 30" the propellor remains at 2,000 rpm but the aircraft starts to climb. Why does this happen? the prop is still at 2,000 rpm? Conversely if I reduce the MP to say 21" the aircraft starts to descend, again the prop is still turning at 2,000 rpm.


I am using the settings from the DH2 beaver in FSX, everything works just as its supposed to but I don't see why? The only way you can change the thrust is to change the propeller rpm...



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If you vary power (MP), a constant speed propeller will vary its pitch to maintain the selected rpm, within limits. This is what they are designed to do. If you have trimmed your aircraft to fly at a particular speed, varying power will make it climb or descend as appropriate. This is just aerodynamics. I am uncertain if this addresses your question or not, but may provide a basis for explaining your problem a bit more.

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