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Flight Illusion Hardware w/A2A C172 - Help Needed!


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Hello folks, I'm in need of some help and am wondering if there are other users of Flight Illusion's hardware or anyone else with the knowledge to help me out.


As a real world pilot, I made a substantially large investment into more accurate training hardware to replicate a C172 as best as I could with what's available. This includes a Brunner yoke, GNS530 GPS by emuteq/Realtek, TRC radio stacks and Flight Illusion hardware. Flight Illusion provides fantastic (but not cheap) gauges and control modules that provide analog/digital inputs, as well as digital outputs based on FSUIPC offsets.


I've wanted to use A2A's C172 trainer for quite a long time with my hardware but I found out today that Flight Illusion doesn't support 3rd party software (A2A) that doesn't use these FSUIPC offsets. I found out that A2A uses LVars, not FSUIPC offsets and therefore I can't use their products with Flight Illusion hardware. The only other options i have been using is Carenado's or P3D's C172. Not terrible, but they lack the realism that the A2A C172 provides.


I was told by the owner of Flight Illusion that there are some supported workarounds, but haven't gotten much more information than that right now. My questions to the FlightSim Cockpit builder community are:


- Any idea what these workarounds could be that he's mentioned? Is there software or a process where I can convert LVars to FSUIPC perhaps?

- Are there any other alternatives to A2A's C172 that provide a higher level of realism? I have had not luck finding any additional C172 aircraft that fits the bill.


Any help from the FlightSim community would be hugely appreciated! I can provide more details, screenshots, and videos if necessary.

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