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Scenery Beginner!


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Hello: Well, I finally have some time on my hands and would like to take the first steps in learning scenery design for MSFS. Nothing fancy, maybe starting with adding some simple elements to a local airport, etc. Is there a beginner, idiot proof, senior proof tutorial that would start me off at the very beginning and guide me through the very basics? I would be thrilled just to learn how to place a hangar at an airport! Thanks for the assistance!

Steve in Kansas

7 Miles NW of KGCK

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Steve, I'm at the same point as you, looking for a basic step by step to get started with some simple scenery. I'd be happy to understand how to add the existing objects in library. I'm watching closely for any responses here.


Been creating some repaints which I'll upload soon. Now want to add to local airports, etc.



1 mile SE of N87

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