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Is it a nice PC for FSX?

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Hey. I'm posting this because I don't understand a lot about computer specifications so I hope I'll get some help.

I have the PMDG737-NGX, and I can't use Anisotropic (specially with Anti-Aliasing on), because my FPS drop A LOT! And I tried it on a friendly Aerosoft Airport... Imagine when I'm landing on Aerosoft Madrid-Barajas, even with Bilinear with Anti-Aliasing off, I almost can't land there because of the FPS.

I can't understand how this computer, which was not cheap, can't run FSX with these Add-ons with nice fps...


PC Specifications:

Processor: 4th generation Intel® Core™ i7-4710HQ processor with Intel® Turbo Boost Technology 2.0

clock speed : 2.50 / 3.50 Turbo GHz

3rd level cache : 6 MB

System memory standard : 8,192 (1x) MB

maximum expandability : 16,384 MB

technology : DDR3L RAM (1,600 MHz)

Graphics adapter type : AMD Radeonâ„¢ R9 M265X Enthusiast Graphics with AMD Enduroâ„¢ Technology

memory amount : 2GB dedicated VRAM

memory type : GDDR5 Video RAM


(SETTINGS: I don't use light bloom, scenery settings are low, weather is normal, and traffic is none...)

Can't I do anything? I see people with worse computer running it better...

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I am guessing it is a laptop - your graphics card is not the best but still, you should be getting better performance than that.


Keep your computer lean and make sure other programs are not running at the same time.Try a clean install of windows and put on the system only the bare minimum you need.Also try FSX Fiber accelerator - it does work.


In addition, try using the venetubo fsx tweaks they should improve your fps a lot.


Try reducing your cloud draw distance to the minimum figure. If you are using REX, use the 512 resolution textures.


In my opinion the biggest killer is road traffic, bloom effect and scenery density.

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Also the base clock is pretty slow. Turbo boost is all well and fine but most laptops can't handle the heat for long and end up throttling the cpu speed to cool down, it may even drop below the base speed. You might try turning turbo boost off see if actually improves things (which it can if there is a heat problem). Or try the opposite put windows in performance mode with no cpu throttling see if it will work that way without overheating.
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thank you both for your replies!

I will try the suggestions and post here the results.

Yesterday I noticest that I started the flight on a heavy airport, and had nice fps. Ended it up on a small airport, and the fps were low. So that might mean the heat's not helping...

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