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Turbulence - Thunderstorms & lack of


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Probably the most frustrating thing in FS9 is the thunderstorms producing very little effects. The sim depiction is quite poor. That's with FSGRW anyway. I'm not sure if ASE is any better. Need some ASE users to chime in.


I've changed the turbulence scale in the sim CFG to higher values - even up to 20 lol. Put some ludicrous numbers in FSUIPC for the rate of change per second, like 30 or so. Some improvement but I can safely fly the cessna through the worst of it. I should be tossed around like a rag doll.


So the whole idea of weather avoidance doesn't exist in FS2004.

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I'm using ASE as you may know and it works perfectly within the limitations of what FS9 can do.

With FS9, you can fly through the worst weather and you will always make it out alive. As far as I know, it's the same for any sim.

However, your aircraft will get bounced around quite severely in really bad weather. You do get this effect with ASE right up to the maximum FS9 allows.


You can always not use FSGRW, use the FS9 built in weather and create the worst conditions possible. Take a fly through them and see if you have ever experienced these types of conditions with FSGRW. It'll at least tell you if your FSGRW is likely not passing on very severe weather to FS9.

Mark Daniels
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