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confused :-(


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Hope someone can advise me on where Im going wrong with XPLANE 10, ive looked at some tutorials on youtube and read some documentation but still having issues.


For example Im flying from Cardiff EGFF to Bristol EGGD in a 747-400 default xplane aircraft.


I worked out how to load a flight plan. I go on line download an FMS plan and then using the FMC load it in.


At this point do I need to do anything else? Do i have to click on any more buttons on the FMC to program it?


It shows my destination airport on the FMC so I presume its entered in ok is that all i need to do on the FMC..just load it in?


I take off and then I engage the auto pilot and the HDG and the Alt Hold I enterd prior to take off.


For some reason I then seem to be going away from the airport!


My Altitude doesnt hold either it keeps going up despite entering the altitude I want to hold it seems to ignore it.


I try SPD and V/S and at times it does descend but then it climbs again!


As the autopilot seems to be going off in the wrong direction , I manually turn the plane around to head towards the airport manually, Near the airport about 10 miles out, I enter in the ILS for the airport in the NAV Radio, make it active and hit LOC and APP


Then a buzzing/alarm noise occurs, the autopilot gets disengaged, every time I try to engage it switches off! and the plane loses altitude and crashes!????


Can anyone help, what am I doing wrong?

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