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Official Flight Simulator 2000 Screensaver?


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I stumbled on an old Microsoft UK web page for Flight Simulator 2000 over at the Internet Archive, link to the cached version of the web page here -> https://web.archive.org/web/20001001035230/http://www.microsoft.com/uk/games/fs2000 . On that page they mention an official Microsoft Flight Simulator 2000 screensaver:


Flight Simulator 2000 Screensaver


Flight Simulator 2000 and Flight Simulator 2000 Professional Edition are out now!


To mark the event, we have created a screensaver for all Flight Simulator fans. With in-depth details and imagery of the all the planes, this excellent screensaver will remind you of all your favorite flights.




Of course, that web page is long since gone, and unfortunately the Internet Archive doesn't have a cached copy of that ZIP file. Would anyone happen to know of a working download link for that file, or possible have that ZIP in their backups? I realize that it's (probably) nothing but a simple slideshow screensaver, but I though it might be cool to have :)


P.S. Best of luck Googling "FS2000.ZIP" LOL!

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