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Rudder throw issues


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I just purchase a Trustmaster 160000 today, and I am setting it up in FSX. Everything is great except the rudder moment. It doesn't move much at all. In fact it barley yaws the plane. This is the case with any plane in FSX. I have the sensitivity all the way up and the null to 0. Any suggestions? I know it has to be a setting in FSX because if i run it in X-Plane 10 full deflection will put the plan in to a spin.
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Many planes have in-flight yaw limiting built into them. The FSX autopilot does not use much rudder.



Park a running plane with brakes on on the runway (default Cessna or other single engine default plane.) Go to external view and operate the rudder. If it moves appx 30 degrees or more, your controls are fine.



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