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Early in my MSFS 2020 career (Some 350-plus flight hours ago), I took off from Squamish, BC in search of my all-time favorite ski area, Whistler/Blackcomb. (Stats: one-mile vertical drop; longest run, seven miles.) I knew where to look -- adjacent to Green Lake -- and flew there but the ski area wasn't there back then. It is now, thanks to Asobo's recent Canada World Update. I "flew" there twice from Squamish, B.C. the closest airport; in the Beech G36 for an aerial tour of the two mountains, and also in the slower C172 float plane to land on the lake. There's supposed to be a seaplane base (Whistler/Green Lake Seaplane Base, CAE5) at the Whistler Village end of the lake, but I didn't see it there.


HP Omen 25L Desktop, Intel i7-1070 CPU, 32 GB DDR RAM, Nvidia 3070 GPU, 1 TB SSD, Logitech flight yoke, throttle quadrant, rudder pedals, multi-panel, radio panel, TrackIR 5
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