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FSX:SE and Level D 767


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Hey guys, I have a little problem here, I had MS FSX installed but later uninstalled it because I purchased a copy of FSX: SE, when I proceeded to install the level D 767 there was a conflict in which the installation would tell me "There was an error updating the following file:


(Documents and Settings folder\(My user)\Application Data\Microsoft\FSX\dll.xml"


I took a look and the FSX folder no longer exists but there's a new one called FSX:SE and does not contain such file (dll.xml)


Could anyone help me out with this? Thanks.

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If your old FSX uninstallation had been thoroughly completed, installing the Steam Edition should not have created a folder named FSX:SE, just FSX. It is possible to run both versions side-by-side (I did it for a while) but it gets messy when installing addons.


Since you already said that you uninstalled FSX before installing FSX:SE, I would suggest that the first issue is failure to completely uninstall FSX before installing FSX:SE, which could confuse subsequent installations of anything related to FSX or FSX:SE.


So your first task would be to completely uninstall FSX:SE. The 4th post down in this Steam thread tells how to do that.


Then, completely uninstall all traces of your old FSX. Although it seems very strange, it is apparently necessary to uninstall FSX MULTIPLE TIMES IN SUCCESSION :confused: in order to completely get rid of it! Please check this FlightSim thread for the full scoop on how to completely uninstall FSX.


Once you are CERTAIN that no vestiges of FSX or FSX:SE remain on your machine, reinstall FSX:SE using the Steam interface and all should be well- no folders named "FSX:SE" should be created, and all addon installers will have a much easier time of it.

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