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New Laptop for FSX

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Hi all,

I currently fly FSX a lot. I mean a lot. Most days.

It’s come to the point where my laptop is running FSX too slow. EG, Aerosoft Airbus out of Manchester EGCC, no add-on scenery, scenery very sparse and autogen very sparse. Every single setting on the lowest. Including traffic. I get around 8fps with this


• Acer Aspire 5742Z

• Intel Pentinum CPU @ 2.13ghz.

• RAM of 5.68GB usable

• Windows 7 x64

Therefore I need a new laptop but don’t know what type to get. I have a budget of around £300 to spend, preferably windows 7.


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I looked though amazon uk in your price range. I doubt that any of them are going to be enough of an improvement to justify to justify the cost. If you can save up another 150-200 pounds you could do a lot better.

This is typical of what I see in your price range:


Also Windows 7 was discontinued some time ago any new model laptop is going to have windows 8.1...it's got faster boot speeds if that's a consolation. I gave in and went with 8.1 in my newest build, you can get used to it (or use a shell that makes it more like Win7).

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I would agree with the previous poster that, in your price range, the Laptops available would be about the same as the one you currently have, and would not give you a 'better' FS experience.


For FSX, one needs CPU power... the more, the better. A stand alone Graphics Card with at least 1Gb of RAM would also help. Unfortunately, to get that type of capability out of a Laptop, you will be looking at ones in the upper price ranges... at least $1K.


I'm sure more will chime in with their suggestions. I have an i5 2.4GHz Laptop, 1Gb Graphics card, with 8Gb of RAM; FSX looks like a very slow slideshow! That's why I use Nine dot One.



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Acer Aspire E5-571pg-50d3 Touchscreen Notebook

Windows 8.1

Intel® CoreTM i5-4210U 1.7GHz | Turbo Speed 2.7GH

500GB hard drive, 4GB DDR3L memory

Up to 7 hours of battery life

15.6" HD widescreen multi-touch display, NVIDIA® GeForce® 840M w/ 2GB DDR3 VRAM

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