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Do RFAI Falcon 900 & 2000 work in FSX?


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I have installed carefully these two planes in FSX, with flightplans and textures checked for FSX with AI Flight Planner. I find the behavior of the planes is very strange:


--both of them appear only with a few generic and empty textures; all white, all grey, a few chromatic details... windows and mobile parts show correctly, the plane flies and is recognised, but it doesn't show the many liverys that are in the Richard Faith's packages


--the F900 shows some green points and areas on the nose and the upper engine


--and the most strange thing: I go to the "Tools" menu, open the AI "Explorer" utility, use the "create" option, I choose one of the RFAI variants of the plane, and it appears perfectly, with the appropriate livery, even side by side in the ramp to the "empty" texture that I explained above.


Does anyone has these beauties working properly in its FSX? If so, I would appreciate to know wether he has found these same problems.


Thaks a lot in advance,


Felix FdC (Spain)

i9-9900K || 2 x 16 GB || RTX 2070 8 GB || W10 Pro 64
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