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Problem with Flight Director 99 Microsoft Speech Engine Files (Voice ATC don't work)


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Hi all.

I bought Flight Director 99 from ebay and it sounds a great addon for Flight Planning and ATC flights enhancement (at least it seems it would enhance my flights enough).

I have it installed in both W7 and also in a Virtual VMWare machine under XP in another PC. (In both PC's I have the same problems, though).


The installing interface says they Microsoft Speech Engine Files are installed successfully, but tells to restart the PC, and after doing that, the program doesn't acknolegde them to have been installed, so it "invites" me to repeat the process again and again.


Then, I have found 2 different situations. The program lets me begin the flight in ATC mode or not. In second case, it says it has to install the files, and doesn't let me flight without installing them.

In first case, however, it lets me run the flight, but when the only things I get to hear are this 2 WAV files which are located in main FD99 folder. (CLICK.wav and HASH2.wav), but I can't imagine that's either the folder were the proper wavs/files should be.


Are there any of you familiar with FD 99 (or FD98 for that matter), that can help me?


The additional problem I have is: I don't know what does files are, neither where they should be installed!! :mad:

All I know is all this thing is driving me crazy, so, maybe if you have other options to enhance FS98 with ATC, could you tell me?. I'd also be very grateful.


Thanks and regards.

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Hi. Thanks very much for your reply. Not easy to get one about these things.

I try to do it, but the folder remains in Read-Only. (I will try to solve that).


I wanted to ask you, by curiosity. Do you use FD99 or prefer another similar program for that matter?


And also, I've seen you search for and get a lot of aircraft. I'm searching for a collection I saw time ago of Iberia models from Project Freeware FS98. Do you know where I could get them?


Many thanks and regards

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Hi. I have my FS98 installed in 32 bits W7 in an old PC and also in a VMWare Windows XP virtual machine in a new computer.


(You are advising me flightsim/simviation for the ATC addon or for the Project Freeware aircraft?)


Thanks again

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