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Anyone See Harry Potter's House?

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Would you believe I've never seen the movie nor read any of the books?


I don't watch too many movies or TV shows and what have you. Unless it REALLY peaks my interest it's all just "meh."



The Matrix series, Terminator series, Patriot Games, Clear and Present Danger, Hunt For Red October, Enemy Of The State, a lot of war movies, Gangs of New York, Liam Nesson films, Universal Monster films and whatnot I do like. Truthfully, and in my opinion, they haven't released a good film since maybe Saving Private Ryan, Schindler's List or Dances With Wolves. While Harry Potter or Avatar et al are great films in their own right, it just doesn't peak my interest. LOL!



What I personally think is interesting about Enemy Of The State and Gene Hackman is that the movie is kinda like Gene Hackman's film The Conversation. Gene Hackman is 92 years old... First time I saw him in a movie was the great film Superman back in the '80s.


Speaking of Superman. Is that Christopher Reeve riding a bike?

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