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EGCW Welshpool Mid Wales Airport

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EGCW Welshpool Mid Wales Airport


By Paul Mort


Welcome to Welshpool Mid Wales Airport. The airport lies in the beautiful Severn Valley in the county of Montgomeryshire Wales with some stunning scenery views for miles around. Since the 1990's, EGCW has been developed & is now home to numerous business & pleasure flights. Instructional flights are also carried out on site. The town of Welshpool lies only 4 miles from the English border & up until the year 1835 was named just 'Pool' but was changed to its present name to avoid confusion with the town of Poole in the County of Dorset.


The characteristic rectangular tower on top of the main building houses two webcams that can be viewed at




The scenery was made with Overlay Editor & overlays of Bing Images.


The Custom Tower Top & Entrance Signs were made with Sketchup 2014 & converted using the Sketchup2Xplane conversion utility (Thank You Marginal).


The scenery was crafted to the best of my ability & is accurate to the Bing overlay images used but due to the limitations of stock library objects, this makes it fictional in character. There is the very characteristic tower (made for the job) & Dai 'The Tractor' Jones spends most of his day on the animated tractor keeping the grass short & tidy. The scenery nearly didn't get built at all as Power Pylons crossed the runway with one placed right in the middle.


I have applied 'Roads, Railways & Power Lines' Exclusions to remove them which due to the unforgiving shape of them took out the main road at the airport entrance. I have made a new road which although in character, is static & placed Pylons in their correct location.


Hey That's Life as they say in Welshpool.


Thanks to my friend Dom Smith for providing technical support when things went pear shaped.

Created & Tested in X Plane 10 on a PC.


Thanks to all the above very talented people for their hard work & contributions.


Regards Paul.




















Download Welshpool here:




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