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MSFS Hype H145 Helicopter Un-Tethered Video


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Hey Guys - After acquiring the H-145 and really enjoying the helicopter and its capabilities on MSFS, I decided to produce a video to share my findings and thoughts with the community and even some tips to the developers to improve the H145’s hovering abilities.


In the video, I also push the H145’s flight envelope and include a number of aerobatics maneuvers such as an axial roll, inverted outside loop as well as sustained inverted flight.


I hope you enjoy the film - Mike Mas


MSFS Hype H145 Helicopter Un-Tethered:



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Hi Mike...


Thank you for sharing this video, it's fascinating on so many levels! Especially so, given your extensive background. I hope you'll share more like this with us.


While I'm both a sim and real world pilot, I've never learned to fly helicopters...it's one of those things I'd really like to do some day...

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Thanks so much for the reply - I'm pleased that MSFS is finally after all these years including helicopters. There is a lot of interest on rotory wing and it will only expand further. Congrats to the Hype group on their H145 offering and this forum. Hands down the H-145 sets new standards in simulator helicopters.


Be Safe! - Mike

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