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Fs2002 scenery in Fs9


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Been looking for Fs9 scenery for Glasgow Int/EGPF.,Scotland.(I know there's Prestwick/PIK but I need Glasgow).


I've found Iain Gallacher's "glas2k2" for Glasgow in Fs2004,but can I use this scenery in Fs9?


I seem to remember that anything Fs2002 is useable in Fs9,but not the other way round,i.e,Fs9 into Fs2002.


Cheers gents.

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Some FS2002 sceneries work quite well FS9, some not. It depenses how the scenery is created and structured. Mostly they appear rather rudimentarly. My experience ist that often trees aren't shown correctly. That's certainly due to missing the right textures.


Anyway just try the Glasgow scenery and see whether it's ok for you! As long as the installation isn't using an EXE file, you might delete it with no consequences. In a way, flight simulation needs to be risky to get more from it!



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There is a dedicated FS2004 file by Stuart Gilmour that make changes to the 2k2 install - search for egpf_af.zip in the library here at Flightsim using the File Name option...


I suggest that you install the Gallacher 'glas2k2' scenery into a TEMP location and then add the Gilmour files overwriting when prompted. Then move the files from the temp location into 2004...what changes are made by Gilmour files I don't know - I no longer use FS2004 so can't check...


There are also two native FS2004 files available in the library - search for afukirl1.zip (this file is a multi-pack that contains a large number of airports) and glasegpf.zip...check them out to see if they are suitable for your needs...

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Files themselves are generally compatible, issues arise from different mesh and coordinates between FS2k2 and FS2k4; so an airport or a bridge will appear normally but probably not exactly where it is supposed to be. And, just observation from my own experience, it seems the farther from the equator the greater the discrepancies.
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