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Using 3D People Library for P3D


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Would like to find out how a scenery can be implemented for use with the 3D People Library.




The read me file says to place the scenery/textures to your addon scenery folder then activate it in a lower priority listing.

Doing just that alone will not make any people appear in a scenery - somehow, using either ADE or whatever is done so that you can choose the people in the library and place them at the locations in your scenery. Without activation of the 3D scenery,the people will not have any textures and appear black. But the scenery has to be implement some how before it all works but

I am not sure what to do about that.

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What you have to do to add the objects to a scenery will depend on the scenery tool be in used - I uses ADE....


a very basic guide - First, install and activate the library in the sim and then in start ADE. The next steps can be taken with or without a project being open...


Select Tools > Library Object Manager...the File Object Manager window will open


Click on the Add Folder button located bottom center right - file explorer will open...


Navigate to location where the object lib is installed and click on the Scenery subfolder to highlight it (do not open the folder up) and then click on the Select Folder button located at bottom right of the explorer window...


ADE will process the folder and will give a summery of its actions - click OK to close the summery window and then click on the Save button located at bottom right of the Object Manager window to save the objects to the ADE library....


To add a object to a project in ADE right click in the area of the project where you want to add the object, select Add > Library Object from the resulting menu - the Library Object window will open...


Search/find the desired object to be added, click on it to highlight it and then click on the Add button - the item will then be added to the project....




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