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fsx weather sight distance


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In real world weather, visibility is set by FSX to the distance the nearest weather station indicates it is. If you want to fly in lower visibility but still stay in real world weather, there are many ways you can get weather reports for areas in which to fly where these conditions exist.



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I agree that you can see unrealistically far even with real world weather, not sure why, I think the fsx weather system is just too weak. I got annoyed with this issue myself and so to get around this issue the best thing to do is use a freeware utility called fsrealwxpro (download it from http://www.fsrealwx.net/). Its good because you can set a visibility limit of whatever you like if there is no data available. Just a note; it does say something like a free trial is running out however you can totally ignore this as you do not have to purchase a thing. The developers themselves are aware of this issue and say you do not purchase a thing. If you need any help, PM me.



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