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FSX WidevieW


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Sorry if this questions already been answered, but I was wondering if WidevieW will work in a virtual cockpit. I got two computers, one gaming and the other a customized office PC. I also have got three Dell monitors. I've been pondering purchasing WidevieW for overall better FPS since I'm running FSGenesis, PMDG NGX, FTX, etc. The FPS right now isn't too bad, but I would like to up the graphics. Anyway, I've only seen pictures of WidevieW with scenery views and no virtual cockpit. I would like to run FSX across the three monitors (using AMD Eyefinity), with a virtual cockpit (not 2D, or only scenery views).


-Thanks in advance, Chad


Gaming Computer

CPU: AMD FX-8350

GPU: R9-280X

RAM: 2x4GB at 1866Mhz Corsair Vengeance



Customized Office PC

CPU: i5 2320

GPU: Sapphire 5770

RAM: 2x4GB, 2x2GB at 1600Mhz (12GB Total)

PSU: Unknown

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My impression is the purpose of this is to spread view only graphics across multiple monitors as if you were using the "W" key to remove the 2D pit in 2D mode so there is no instrumentation or pit on the split screens. You then use other dedicated monitors, laptops, etc. to distribute your instruments into various panel groups and plane them around/under your main view displays.



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I was wondering if WidevieW will work in a virtual cockpit


Maybe, sort of. You will have no problem creating the display (well no additional problem, it's not that easy), so it will look right in the virtual cockpit. But it will certainly be display-only - the VC will not be live on the client PCs, so you will not be able to tweak switches and such - in fact you won't even be able to move the mouse on the client PCs unless you have a separate mouse (or more than one, depending on how many PCs you choose to use).


Your talk of eyefinity confuses me, so perhaps you just want to run the VC as display-only on the client PC and have the sim running on the server? I'm not sure how much of a gain you will get from doing this. As WideView works by positioning the aircraft in space and orientation I am not convinced that what you see on the gauges in the VC will be sensible either, so this may not be a useful road to go down. And don't forget you will need all of those things you mentioned (NGX, FTX, GEX, FSGenesis, etc.) installed on each PC, which may cause licensing issues.


Definitive answers here, I would guess.




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