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Good morning! You booked the San Diego-Las Vegas charter, correct? Good! Welcome aboard!




She's a beaut' isnt she? 1965 Learjet 24B. Fully upgraded to nothing short of modern luxury. But be careful! This bird has bite! She can overspeed on one engine you know! Can go up to 45,000 feet and can cruise at over 480 MPH! We'll be a little lower today, at 39,000 feet, but just as fast! Be there in an hour easy. Sit down! Thats real leather you know! There we are!


Alright! lets get started! First step, fuel pumps...on....then...oh dear.




Seems I talked for too long...the battery is drained. We arent going anywhere for a while I am afraid. Dont worry! WE will only charge you half the hourly rate!


Wait where are you going? Delta? Dont fly Delta!......



First posts to the screenshot forum! Trying to look at the humorous side of my goof up. Didnt realize the battery drains pretty fast on this thing!


Plane is my favorite payware right now, Lionhearts beautiful Learjet 24B. Absolutely stunning model.


Scenery is some freeware I got right here a long time ago. Maybe I'll post better pics later :)


Great VA! Join me at http://www.vnorthwest.com :)

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