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Server Simultaneous Download Limit Exceeded


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Hello Everyone


New member, i'm trying to download some files from Flightsim.com








I'm trying to download them since 2 days, several times a day and for each tries, i have this message


The FlightSim.Com free member server is experiencing unexpected high demand and has exceeded the limit of people who can connect at one time. This is a rare occurrence and we ask for your patience. Please try again later.


Please note that First Class Members are not affected by these limits. If you are interested in our First Class Membership please click here.


I tried from home, from work, at different hours (from europe) and using severals browers ... same error.


How many 'free' slots have flightsim.com servers ? Is this a marketing trick to force us to take premium access?

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Hello Gentlepeople,

Yes we are having a few problems left with the new systems. It should be fixed shortly, but for now I have emptied the table to 0 and you should be all set now.

Thank you for your patience!


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We are still having a problem with this, but as the message notes,

you can logout and then login and your counter will be reset. As

this is our problem, not yours, we are not trying to get more First

Class Memberships because of the current problem which we hope

to have finally, really fixed, asap.

I would like to thank everybody for their patience as we go thru this

massive upgrade process.

Blue Skies!


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  • Founder

The site is running on all different software now than when this question was originally raised, so if you are having a problem with downloads now it's totally unrelated to the original problem. Please post the details on exactly what problem you're having, or better start a new thread with that info.

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