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Creating liftable objects for FSX se


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Hi all


I'm trying to breath some life into fsx se and my helicopter cockpit by adding liftable objects. I have looked at the early Slingloads in the Sandbox

liftable missions which was done along time ago.


My cockpit is based on a MD500e. so I'd liked to use that to set up some very basic items to lift and move around.

In the slingloads missions there were about 30 liftable items and 2 helicopters the bell 206 and the EH-101 the bell could only pick up one item which was the stretcher


I would like just a few small items like logs, barrels small shed to move around. I have object placement tool installed so I am able to create my own scenery using the default scenery objects


Is there any other downloadable objects that I could use to create missions for litable objects





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