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Creating an X-Plane Model Set


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Does anyone know of any resources for creating a model set to work with XSquawkBox for X-Plane 10?


Painting the models is not a problem, but is there a way to view these models to make sure that textures, etc. line up properly?


Thanks in advance,


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I would like to help, but don't even understand the question. What does painting models have to do with XSquawkBox ?


If you're talking about creating liveries, it's my understanding that you can use any 3-D modelling program as long as it is able to export to the X‑Plane OBJ file format (3ds Max, Blender, Google SketchUp, AC3D, ...)

Don't ask me the details however, as I'm not a designer.


BTW, Flightsim has an excellent series running on the use of SketchUp, written by Paul Mort


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