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1924 First Successful Circumnavigation Flights

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What: 1924 First Successful Circumnavigation Flights

When: Sundays, 8 am PDT, 11 am EDT, 1500 UTC

Where: Discord for info, TeamSpeak3 for VoIP, connect to(ctrl-s):ts3.digitalthemepark.com

Additional Info: http://www.digitalthemepark.com


On April 6, 1924, four pilots and four copilot/mechanics left Sand Point on Lake Washington near Seattle in four aircraft for a 175-day westward circumnavigation of the planet. It was the first successful circumnavigation of the globe with a 100-year anniversary just two years from this writing. Only two planes and crews finished the route. One aircraft got separated from the others by a thrown rod early in the flight but crashed into a mountain in Alaska while trying to catch up (the crew survived). The other aircraft capsized and was lost while under tow after losing power near the Faroe Islands. The two remaining aircraft flew the entire route and returned to Sand Point, Washington on September 28, 1924.


Note: We suggest getting connected before the event in order to make sure your headset fully works and is familiar with TeamSpeak3. Download TeamSpeak3 at http://www.teamspeak.com, connect to ts3.digitalthemepark.com, and message Zoolander64 or one of the other [sTAFF] members as we stay connected 24/7 and usually fly or not far away from our computer. You can also use the FlightSim.Com/DigitalthemePark Discord, but most will be on TeamSpeak.



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