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Does C208 Caravan Amphibian work in P3D?


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Hi folks,

I'll probably get P3D even if the answer is no, but I'd like to know if anyone has tried this FS2004 to FSX conversion in P3D:



I'm finishing up with a new build and will probably get p3d in a week or two when completed...getting a stable OC is next on list (a 10GB download is going to take me 10 hours so I can't just grab and test).


I loved the c208 amphibian in fs9 and I remember in FSX I had to do a lot of work to get it flying more or less properly. I'd really like to use this plane in some educational scenarios I have in mind (basically for middle school kids having them fly in a science team to some remote location, learn about some field science, fly the team out). This plane is ideal for that kind of mission, easy to fly, fairly powerful for a single, sturdy, good capacity and lands on water or land. It was my favorite plane in FS history (I go back to the DOS/Bruce Artwick days).


Alternatively any recommendations for other amphibs for P3D are very welcome.


I'm coming back to flight simming after 6 years because it looks like P3D is doing what MS should have done instead of shifting their focus to xbox.

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Well if anyone is interested, it does work, sort of. You need to alias the sound to something you have (if I can find my fs9 disc I plan to get the original sound off that). And you need to copy the .gau files to the gages directory...this gives full gauges in the VC but you can't control anything in the VC with the mouse, I plan to look into this later. The 2d cockpit is fully functional. In the external views the windows are opaque so you can't see a pilot.
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