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Time zone Problem


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I’m using FS real time in my saudi arabia Flights ( UTC+3 ) it’s working fine

but i have a problem with only one Airport - yanbu airport OEYN - in all saudi arabia cities UTC +3

but in this airport it’s shows UTC +2 !

for example when I takeoff from Yanbu to jeddah at 16:00PM ( the flight takes 30 minutes )

so i should arrive at 16:30PM , but when I land in jeddah i see the clock in sim it’s 17:30PM !!


i dont know what is wrong , FS real time work fine with all airports except this airport


Plz help , thanks

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Well, have you checked that Windows timezones are correct for this? I had all sorts of issues with Australian DST, both in Windows and I think in FS, they all got fixed when I updated my XP to Service Pack 3.


Steve from Mudgee

Steve from Murwilllumbah.
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