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From ski straight to the summer-like spring

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Enjoying spring time my way, linking beautiful countries by air :) On a flight from Zurich, Switzerland to Alicante, Spain. After so much skiing, it's time for a precocious summer, and what better place to experience that than Spain...


Loading pax and their s**t (sorry, I just can't help:cool:) at Zurich

Image 002.jpg


About to power up the 145LR

Image 005.jpg


Cleared for roaring

Image 010.jpg


Climbing to FL350, next stop, Alicante

Image 013.jpg


Image 014.jpg


Image 026.jpg


Glideslope acquired at LEAL, landing stuff down

Image 031.jpg


On final at Alicante

Image 038.jpg


Image 039.jpg


Welcom' to Alicante and thanks for flying Crossair, enjoy the Spanish summer-like spring!;)

Image 029.jpg


More pics from this flight here, here and here.

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