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Cessna 172 3 person team race


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Hi everyone,


Just playing with an idea, I have three legs all fairly identical lengths, this is why I am wanting 3 person teams.

Each person takes off and does their individual leg, that total time is the time for the team.

Each leg has three airports to land at and do a complete stop, then take off again.

Destination country is in New Zealand, Cessna 172 is the aircraft to be used for the flights.

Real world weather to be used.


We use Join FS to connect to see each other, also we have a Discord server to communicate with each other.


I am working on a PDF which shows the routes that will be taken etc.

Currently I have not set a date for this, but will be looking at one month at latest.

Looking for a good way to verify time taken for each person.


If you would like to take part in this leave me a message here or email me at tasmanflying@gmail.com

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