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Building a 777 HC - Foundation Avionics/Buttons


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I´ve follwed this forum quite a time as a silent observer, but now I have to say


Hello Sim-Builders!


I want to build a 777 Cockpit (Preferably PMDG 777). At the moment I neither have the space nor the big money for it BUT: I want to start small.

That means laying a foundation upon I can build later on.


I red through a lot of different posts and forums to understand the connections between an P3D aircraft and displaying the screens on different monitors.

Second, I did the same to understand how to use different Inputs (Like rotary knobs, push-knobs, etc.) to toggle somthing inside that Aircraft.

Honestly, I ended up confused because I think everyone had a different mix of software (Especially when it comes to my favorite plane - PMDG 777).

For your information: Iam a Projectmanager in IT and I think I understand quite a bit of different systemlogics - I just wanna say, its not like I had never anything to do with IT .



My two goals:

Find a systemlogic to display aircraft instruments on different screens

Find a systemlogic to use different inputs (knobs, etc.) for the plane



As I understand, these two things are the essentials of every home build flight simulator.

Thats where I want to start. I want to essemble a basic pilotproject at home to get a basic understanding (Two PCs with one monitor each), maybe start with a few knobs to toggle some avionics.


Maybe someone could give me a nice overview how those systems work with p3d, so that I get the birdseye-view. Just straight and simple.

If there is someone who would like to mentor - let me be the student.


To keep the focus on the hole project:

The long term goal should look like this:

- Outsideview through 3 Projectors or 3/4 LED-Screens

- Cockpit with gauges, probably displayed by 4 LED-Displays

- Functioning Knobs and levers

- MCP will be from Flightdecksolutions


A very big THANKS in advance!



To make this a little bit easier, I made a scribble.

Here you can see the connections between the different instances.

Maybe you can help me complete it by making the right connections.

(The cloud displays all the instances with unknown connections)

Goal for me: Find the common denominator where everything (different systems maybe) can connect to.


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