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Hi all


I have been simming for nearly three years with my Logitech Joystick and am now wanting to upgrade a bit. I have listed a few products that I like the look of. I mainly fly the Airbus X Extended and I am looking at getting the PMDG 373, 747 and 777 (eventually). If these are not the best for these aircraft, could you recommend things that would be better?


Radio Stack:



Instruments (I would purchase five of these):



Info Panel:



Switch Panel:






Yoke and Throttle:



Rudder Pedals:



I realize I have added a lot in this post. I am sorry for that :). I know I am going all out here but I want my experience to be as realistic as possible with it being the real thing. Thanks for all the help guys.



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I've only recently returned to FSX after a looong break, and my old CH Virtual Pilot Pro had suffered in storage, aside from not being USB compatible (No gameport on my laptop).


I looked at options and did a bit of lurking around the various forums before deciding on the Saitek Yoke and Throttle; while some folk find the centering not to their liking it seems to be very nicely made from decent plastics, and although I still getting used to it I am more than happy with it. I'd suggest you read a few reviews and opinions - there are mods you can make if the spring to centre is too strong for you - and start off with the yoke and throttle. Once you have decided you are comfortable with that then get the rudder pedals and start acquiring the gauges and panels when you can get them at the right price. If you don't get on with the yoke/throttle it's no big deal; pop them on eBay and get most of your money back!





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