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Help with specs

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After playing 3-4 years on laptops that couldn't reach a maximum potential I required a pc but I'm unsure on specifications needed. Since my budget is quite low (£500 or $750) I don't know what I can get. The specs I found were i7-4770 with 8GB 1600mhz ram with 1TB hard drive. Could you tell me if these specs are decent or wether I should cut down the proccesor more for a better than intergrated graphics card. Help would be kind.
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...I think it pushed the processor hard, so I'd stick with the i7.

The budget precludes a fast i7. FSX wants CPU speed, and, can't take advantage of an i7's Hyper-Threading capability anyway. An i5, or, even an i3, will generally have equal FSX performance to an i7 at the same speed. Grab the fastest Intel rig you can...Don

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