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FS2004 - World Trade Center scenery


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This is my private mod of the World Trade Center as it looks in reality at the moment. I tried to replicate the look of the WTC as best I could, keeping in mind the limitations set by FS2004 such as polygons and textures. Speaking of mod content, it contains towers 1, 3,4 and 7. It also contains, performance arts center, wtc hub and memorial pools. Architecturally speaking, the buildings are 99% accurate as in reality in terms of dimensions. A few details are missing, which I personally don't think are needed in this mod because this is a Flight Simulator and there is no stopping unless you are hovering with the helicopter very low for the purpose of touring and your needs, but still, the mod is fascinating and the only one in the world at the moment proudly designed by me. Special thanks to Emmanuel Mwandosya who taught me how to use Model Converter X and without him, my 3D model would never become a part of FS2004 scenery.

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