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choosing 1 of 3 NVidea cards- need some input!

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it's down to 3 cards:

1) NVidea GeForce GTX750 1GB DDR5 2DVI/ HDMI

2) NVidia GeForce GT740 4GB DDR3 2DVI/HDMI

3) NVidia GeForce GT740 2GB DDR5 DVI/ VGA


please help me choose!


running FS9

will be using an i5-3570 3.4GHz quad core processor


all my screens are VGA, so I will need adaptor cables to change to DVI, HDMI, or whatever, but that shouldn't be a problem, right?

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For FS9 I'd go with the GT740 with DDR5. FS9/FSX are CPU intensive more than GPU so you're always better off putting more $$ into CPU than GPU (and for FS9 best getting the fastest speed you can since it's not good at multi-core use). That said, in a previous FS9 build years ago, I used a HD4850, which is comparatively about a notch below the GT750 DDR5 and I could max settings out at 30-35 FPS, with a ton of addons too. I think I was running some sort of Core 2 Duo at the time.


My vote goes to the GT740 DDR5. The DDR3 version is a lot slower. I'm actually starting to think about a new FSX build and am considering the GT740 DDR5 with 4GB of VRAM.


If you go that route let us know how you like it.

My $700 Surprisingly kick a*s FSX Build Fall 2018: Core i3-8350K | ASUS H370M/CSM-Plus | ASUS GT1030 Phoenix OC | 8GB G.SKILL DDR4 2400 | 120GB SP M.2 | 750GB Barracuda | Corsair VS460
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