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Hardware reccomendation

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Hi. I haven't Flightsimmed since FSX about 10 years ago. I want to get back into the game (pun intended). I'm looking to purchase the new FS2020, but I need to buy a PC or Gaming PC to do so as I hear it's very intensive. I currently have only a cheap laptop.


- Is there an advantage of a Gaming PC over a regular desktop PC?

- What would be a good recommendation of such a PC and where is best place to get one? (Best Buy?)

- I want to have decent frame rates and good visual quality...not minimal, yet not too expensive either.


Looking forward to hearing your opinions. Keep in mind, I am NOT too familiar with all the computing jargon.



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We need more information?

What monitor and resolution do you plan to run? It takes a lot more computing power to run 4K as opposed to 1080p. What other software and uses will the new computer also need to handle? Do you have a good internet connection (over 30 Mbps)?

In general, to get what you are asking for at 1080p, you need at least an I5 8500 or a Ryzenâ„¢ 5 1600X, combined with at least a GTX 1660ti or a Radeon RX 5600 XT. Higher resolutions will need very expensive supporting hardware (a RTX 3070 is very expensive right now). You will need at least 16 Gb of system ram memory. You will need a fast SSD or M.2 for storage (at least 1Tb). Now don't neglect two very important things, cooling and power supply!! Unlike many other "games", this simulator is working very very hard all the time, not just in spurts. Consequently, it generates a lot of heat. Heat will result in crashes to desktop. Get a well ventilated tower case and a good cooling system. Don't go with a cheap power supply! I recommend at least 650 watts in a gold or better PSU.

I don't like prebuilt computers, such as those you will find in a big box store. I have used and always been happy with:


There are a number of good custom builders around. You may need to get a friend or relative to help you spec out your new machine.

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