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is upgrading to 4k monitor worth it ?

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I am currently running msfs on a 32 inch 2k monitor 60Hz. Would i notice much of a difference with a 4K 32 inch monitor at 120hz ????? Video card is a RTX3080.


Core i7 10700K OC to 4.6 all cores/EVGA 750W G+ PSU/ MSI Z490 edge mobo/GSkill RAM DDR4 32GB(2X16GB) 3600mhz/ ASUS TUF RTX 3080/ Win10 home/ Asus 32 inch monitor 1440p/ CH Flightstick
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The specifics are a bit fuzzy now when I first experimented with 4k monitor, and at the time I was on FSX. I know as I increased monitor resolution to 4k and expanded to mult-monitor it had a performance drag. But the drag could be overcome with slider compromise and at the time my video card was not near what yours is. There is definitely a crispness that comes to your gauges with 4k but I can offer that I have found monitor quality (one having good color rendition), curvature (if desired), and choosing aspect ratio/dimensions appropriate to the application to be more critical than 4K monitor resolution. In fact, my current rig has no display at 4K resolution. My main windscreen view is 3440x1440 resolution. The instrument monitor is capable of 4K but since the instruments are a subset of the windscreen view they too must display at 3440x1440. The overhead panel monitor is a touch screen and at the time there was no 4K touchscreen available even if I was willing to shell out the $ for it.

There is a link to a picture of my rig at the bottom of this post.


In my opinion, it is important to take care to set things up to achieve proper depth perception. I know others who are happy to fly with a virtual flight deck with “improper” zoom to allow them to read their gauges and still maintain a substantial outside horizontal angle of view. I have found the only way to achieve setup of the outside view which allows proper depth perception is to put the gauges on a separate, independent (non-spanned) monitor. In my case, a 48” diagnal 4K monitor would be inappropriate unless it is hung on a wall, more distant from the eyepoint, and instruments would need to still be placed in front of its view to be at the proper height. It could work. The point being, a monitor must be chosen carefully for the desired application. Or, conversely, the application must be changed to fit the monitor.


On a side note, I really like the seeming increase in depth perception/3D portrayal offered by the subtle curvature. This may be subjective and wishful thinking, but I like it. Of course, some of the improvement is offered by the increase in horizontal range of view offered by its wider aspect ratio (it has the same viewing height as the previous 4K monitor with 7” more horizontal view).


I hope this helps you somewhat.


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