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Help with a Prop Sync XML Gauge


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I am trying to create an XML switch to syncronise the props in an old twin engine aircraft in FSX (or P3D). The aim is to activate the switch to automatically set the throttle, prop pitch, mixture and cowl flaps for engine 2 to whatever the equivalent is for engine 1.


What I have so far works as required for throttle, prop pitch and mixture, but after trying several options, I cannot get the cowl flaps to work, they stubbornly refuse to syncronise.


This is what I have so far.....



(M:Event) 'LeftSingle' scmp 0 ==


(A:General Eng Throttle Lever Position:1,percent) 163.83 * (>K:THROTTLE2_SET)


(A:General eng1 propeller lever position, percent) 163.83 * (>K:AXIS_PROPELLER2_SET)


(A:general eng mixture lever position:1,percent) 163.83 * (>K:MIXTURE2_SET)


(A:Recip eng cowl flap position:1,percent) 163.83 * (>K:COWLFLAP2_SET)}


(L:EngineSync) ! (>L:EngineSync) 0


I already have 2 dial switches to individually set the cowl flaps and that works fine.


The first 3 functions work perfectly but not the cowl flaps.

The multiplier 163.83 *, is to convert the percentage to a range between 0 and 16383 to set each function.


Any idea for what could be wrong?

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