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MAIW Suddenly Not Working


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Hi all,


I've installed MAIW packages into FSX as per the detaied instructions on the MAIW website. However, literally over night the aircraft have vanished from the sim? None of them appear at any of the bases. The only things I've added are WOAI aircraft but I doubt this will have caused them to suddenly disappear would it?


I'd like to get this resolved as it's incredibly tedious installing them in the first place, let alone doing it all again.




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Did you convert the world of ai traffic files to fsx format with the Ai flight planner?

That is what I had to do, and I have both running in the system perfectly.



System specs: AMD FTX 6300 six core processor 3.5 GHz, Video card Nvidia Geforce GTX 750 Ti 2 GB on board,

Windows 8.1 64 bit and 1 TB on hard drive.

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Need more info.


Are you using the original MAIW FS9 flightplans, or converted them to FSX ?

Maybe your using a mix (not good) ?


Most probable cause would be the WoAI files blocking the MAIW files. But then the WoAI should be FS9, and MAIW FSX format. As said, need more info.



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After installing the WOAI packages, did you look for FS9 flight plans AGAIN using AIFP? Many WOAI flight plans are FS9 also.


Even some addon scenery comes with flight plans. It's a good idea to use AIFP to check for FS9 flight plans from time to time, especially if you suddenly see all AI traffic go dead.



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