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SweetFX Low FPS


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I've recently taken an interest in sweetfx and have done some tweaking around with it. When the game is running in windowed mode it does just fine, but whenever Its full screen the FPS is horrible. Around 5 to 10 fps. I dont think my current pc specs are causing this lag but I could be wrong. Here are my current specs.


OS: Windows 7 Home Premium Service Pack 1 64bit

Processor: i5-3550 quad core 3.3ghz

Graphics: geforce GTX 660 2GB



Anyone know what could be causing this issue?





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Windowed vs full screen is a toss up even without tricky woo tools. Some people cannot use full screen at all. From what I've read, for some people sweetfx does not work well for both modes.


I'm one of those few people who can use FSX in full or windowed without any tricks and I get the same frame rate in both. My understanding is this tool replaces some shaders. Not always a sure fire result.


3.3GHz is a little on the weak side for FSX. Around 3.5 and up you can use some max settings.



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