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Upgrading my PC for P3D v4.

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So my current computer specs are

CPU: Intel I5 quad core 4460 @ 3.2ghz

GPU: Nvidia Geforce 750ti

Memory: 12GB



I can run P3D v4 on medium settings and be happy. I get around 25FPS at KLAX with ORBX scenery and in a PMDG plane. I would really like to try and boost my FPS a little if I can and was wondering if you think upgrading my CPU or GPU would be better and what I should get.



So any suggestions?



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I doubt that changing CPUs would make a lot of difference. If you could find a GTX 1070 or a GTX 1660ti, those would give you a pretty big boost in performance, but GPUs are extremely difficult to find now, and almost double the cost. Even GT 730s are all bought up, by folks just looking to have a computer running even if it can't run many applications.
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