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Difference between SSG-747-8i payware and freeware?


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I see it can be bought or downloaded free, I assume there is a difference... perhaps the FMS with Navdata?

Also, where can I learn about a list of addons featuring FMSes with Navdata?


ps. payware is good with me, it is usually well done (FSX-experience).

In X-plane I figured the following:

A320 NEO, the 747-8i (I believe), the well-publicized 757 and 777 and I think Aerosoft's ATR.

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They are completely different aircraft.


The external model is new (based on Boeing data), it has a 3D cockpit as well as an FMS with nav data as you say. Many systems are simulated.


In fact there is almost nothing from the freeware version in the payware one. It was completely rebuilt.


- Stekeller


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