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FS9.5 Never Had It so Good: Some Lifters

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All over the world, in all kinds of weather...




Military and civilian, they eat up all that stuff...





...and sometimes throw it out again...




The temptation is to overload, and sometimes the performance is marginal:





At other times, with an empty belly, they do remarkable airshow stuff:




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Got 2 questions about that last shot. What airport is that? I am usually good at guessing the airport, but I can not put my finger on that one. Also which C-17 do you use?? I use the Area 51 model, but I have been thinking about switching to the Virtavia C-17.
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Thanks for the comments!

Joseph, that is Frankfurt EDDF, looking a little quiet because in my "military" sim, there is no civilian AI.

You're on the money, that is the Virtavia C-17.

I have all of them, but this is my favourite, because I paid something like NZD80 for it, and need to get value!


The pucker factor in fact increases somewhat, after you've lifted off, just over the piano keys...

I made a clip of this some time back; it rates as FS9.2 so doesn't really belong in here.

FRAPS also ate the framerates, so it doubly doesn't belong in here!

If you missed the pucker the first time, don't worry, the take off is seen again... and again.:pilot:

If you stay with the follower clips, edetroit is the master of FS9.5 IL76.

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I wish there was a way I could compare the Area 51 C-17 with the Virtavia C-17. I do like the visual model of the Area 51 model, but the panel is looking a whole lot better on the Virtavia model. And I have no idea which model has the better flight dynamics.


I guess one day I will just go ahead and buy the Virtavia model then I will have both C-17 to compare them.

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It is the Wilco model, I don't have many from that stable, but I thought this one pretty good.


Now, one cannot really have a Lifter thread without the grandmother of all Lifters, the Mriya.

It is really, really big.




Look how heavy that wing: six engines...




Then, when the air starts flowing, the flex... then the bite, and it's flying with wings spread.




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Captain Sim... I was going to shoot some updated screens for this, but am currently without flightsim.

And the Jahn C-47, and an AN-24 ...aargh


You are lucky! About 5 or 6 years ago I got a new computer and went from XP to Windows 7. Since I went to Windows 7 I have not been able to install my Captain Sim C-130's (I have then all except for the float version). When I try to install the planes I get a error message (I forget what the message was). Then this past January I got the urge to fly this plane, so I tried to buy the KC-130 again think a new password would get the plane install, but it didn't.

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Makes me stick all the more fervently to my WIN XP box...

Here's the C-130, haven't used it in a while, as brilliant a model as I remembered it.




Can't be too many places in the world this bird has not been, everyone seems to own one.





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Thanks for trying to help, but I did everything suggested in that thread and it didn't help. The only thing I didn't do is a manual install, but that is because the installers I have don't give a opportunity to put in the install path. They must of changed the installers so you can't do a manual install.

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