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Wanted -- Saitek Pro Flight Components


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I am seeking a full-suite (sold as a bundle or from multiple sellers) of Saitek Pro Flight components, including 8 flight instrument panels (FIMs) and 2 radio panels. All of the rest, yoke, switch panel, pedals, information panel, etc as well.


Please respond telling me what you have available and your price(s),


Thank you,





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Where are you located? Which Vancouver? I have the following Saitek components brand new unopened that I ordered but have never used. After I ordered them, I couldn't resist ordering a Cessna 172 cockpit panel from Flight Illusion for $17,648.

(1)Cessna yoke (2)Cessna rudder pedals (3)Cessna trim wheel (4)Saitek throttle quadrant

(5) Saitek TPM throttle Quadrant.No instruments. $500.00 plus shipping. I would have to find out what the shipping cost would be on day of shipping.


Bill Davis



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