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Win 10 printer "driver is unavailable"


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I have been having problems keeping my HP 6100 "on-line" with Win 10 (as have many people, evidently; I have seen no applicable/working answer on the internet - but that's really another issue I have to resolve later). On a new Dell laptop which came with Win 10, I had installed this printer and it worked (except when it thought the printer was off line); connection is wireless. I uninstalled and re-installed the printer in trying to resolve that problem (this band-aid had worked for a short time on another PC). Now the installation results in the printer showing up in Devices and Printers with the status "Driver is unavailable"; printer also shows up in the Network view of File Explorer.


I've gone to HP's site, downloaded their latest driver, and get the result that all is ok. Indeed, as part of that download sequence, I connect to the printer and can change settings.


Windows disagrees.


So I go to Device Manager, right click on the printer, and select Update Driver Software ...; result is "The best driver software for your device is already installed."


Devices and Printers disagrees (and apps that use a printer agree with Devices and Printers).


Is there any way (other than switching to a Mac and another brand printer) to install this printer, with its driver?



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