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How to do repetitive landing attempts from the exact same spot in MFS 2020

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In Microsoft Flight simulator X there was a procedure where you could arrive at a particular location when landing, and lock in that exact location. Then you could return to that exact location and attempt that landing again and again and again until you got it right. Is that feature available in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020?
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There is a procedure set up to allow you to do this save flight function. Perhaps it will work but just not work in Virtual Reality which is what I'm using. I get to the place where I want to save the flight and I hit the ESC key, this opens another window and I hit the space bar which then has a "Load/Save" button. Once I press this button the software crashes. Everything freezes and I have to restart the program again. Edited by terryleemartin
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Try a freeware program called Bush Mission Gen availible from flightsim.to . As the name sugest you can make your own Bush Trips and Landing Challenges the later being the answer to your quiery. There are useful insrtuction videos on youtube links in the program. One word of caution do not start your approach further than 9nm from the destination airport as any further fails.

I have been making Landing Challenges into one airport but using diffent planes and weather conitions as practice.

Added Bonus is you get scored on how well you land.

Hope you find this useful. GRTMK14

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The save/load function is only available if you are using the non-VR mode. I've made another post to fully explain this but because this post has to do with the same matter and some may be following this post I thought it would be helpful to cover it here as well. The following is a copy of that recent post.


In order for you to use the load and save functions, you need to be in the non-VR mode and it works perfectly well there. It simply does not work if you try to load or save when you are flying in VR. In VR you are given the option to select the load and save button, but press it and your screen will go black and you will have a heck of a time trying to get control of the screen again. I use two monitors so I'm able to go to my second monitor and restart my computer which is the only way I've been able to find to unlock my main monitor and shut down MSFS 2020 in this situation. If you are using only a single monitor you may have to do a forced shut down of your computer because the simulator has crashed and the monitor will be showing a frozen screen. I'm making a bit of an assumption here in that I haven't tested that yet because I don't use a single monitor.


You are able to use the Load and Save feature just fine as long as you are "not" flying in VR. The only way you can use it is if you 1. stay in the non-VR mode and load it from there. Then 2. you can switch over to VR mode and click your fly button. When you are ready to load again you will need to shut down MSFS 2020 and restart it again and then use the above steps to once again load the saved location into the program.


I don't know if there is a way to report this to the developers but it does seem to me to be a rather significant bug that should be attended to.

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