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Alright. Left my plane att the end of the runway as for departure. Took the drone and moved a little bit away and up from the runway waiting for a plane to arrive according to flightradar24 .


Saw the plane arriving and then suddenly it aborted the landning and decided to go around?

Then i understood and started laughing. 😃😃😃 Of course they go around if they notice a plane on the runway?


Decided to try again with the next plane 30 minutes later. (after first moving my plane to the gate).

Surprisingly even this one did not land but just went around and disappeared?


Did the same thing once att Gatwick and there everything seemed to be working perfectly?

Can mention that i didnt see the first plane on the VFR-map but on the second one i did.


Anyone who knows?

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Never actually seen it although on occasion I have heard an aircraft on final approach "go-missed".


There is also a "bug" which leaves aircraft following ATC instructions too high to land so of course they would go around too. Think it's all to do with the AI, but too complicated for me!


Have been told to go around myself on occasion, especially when landing at a very busy airfield.

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