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Looking for a complete plan 737-800 air berlin


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Looking isn't all that hard. Look at the top of this page. There's a blue menu bar. Once of the choices is "File Library". Drop down that selection and click on "Search Files" or "Advanced Search". Fill out the form with whatever you're looking for and see what shows up.
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In this case, I think I should help out a little.

You can install a new texture for your existing b737_800.

You add it to the b737_800 folder.

Then you have to edit the aircraft.cfg file, so the texture becomes selectable.

But, always make a backup of the original file, call it aircraft_0_orig.txt or something.


Clear instructions are always included with the file you download.

In a file named: Readme.txt


In this case the keywords you need to search for in the library are:

--> default 737 air berlin


and in "don't show files that have... ... any of these unwanted words:

you type:

--> posky open sky


then click search, and ye shal find!


Enjoy, il88pp


ps, there are many many more textures for the default 737, but start with one, enjoy it for a bit, and install one at a time after. You will run in to some that don't work to well, which you can remove, but sometimes fixing them is not to hard. Before starting to add more, make another backup of the aircraft.cfg file. Just in case you mess something up. call that on aircraft_1_AiBerl.txt


I should add these textures are also called livery's (sometimes called skins or paints).


You will of course have the same 737 VC, windows, etc.

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