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Any other Retreads or Returns?


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Hi all,


Not sure if you'd call me a retread or a return (or something else?).

I've been away from flightsimming and flightsim.com for a few years.

Now I'm back.

Any others been in the same boat? (Or should that be aircraft?)


I used to be so into it. I did repaints/liveries, designed small airports, recalibrated aircraft, created AI aircraft, modified AI for use, created AI flights and a bunch of other things. I still remember the disappointment when they broke the flight model, but we all got used to that. I've been on this forum from FS2002 to FSX. I've been flying MSFS continually since FS2. Then I just... stopped. I don't recall when, or why.


I got a new laptop 4 years ago. I reinstalled FSX and many of my paid and free aircraft. I tried it out briefly, but again got pulled away. One of the things that annoyed me each time I flew was my feelThere Phenom 100. It was never smooth and I couldn't afford better hardware.


I had to replace that laptop a few weeks ago (for work). I thought, why not get something faster. So I bought a Lenovo Legion. I used it for work for a couple of weeks, and then decided to install FSX.


First thing I did was install the feelThere Phenom 100. I forgot how to fly it. So I did a quick flight with a C172, then loaded the Phenom on the duty runway, Ctrl-E, flaps 1, and took off. (I still remembered how to hit the G key. lol) Not a hint of flicker, lag, or other graphics issues. YAY!


I'm a bit older and not too well now, hence my real flying won't be happening again. But I know I'll be enjoying this return to flightsim. Next thing on the shopping list is FS2020.




FSX Acceleration, now on a Lenovo Legion

So soooo much faster.

(It beats my old 386 with FS2. :p)

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