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Option Key Assignment TOGGLE_LOGO_LIGHTS


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Hallo developers,


I am struggling with a problem of bringing a new Key Assignment into the Option Key Assignment List !


When i edit the standard.xml file of the The P3Dv 4.5


with the code :





I can use this new U Key for my Logo Lights effects and it works :-)




[LIGHTS] 9 stays for logo light

light.0 =

light.1 = 9, -6.80, 0.00, 5.00, fx_logolight

light.0 =

light.0 =

light.0 =


but it will not show up in the Option Key Assignment List

because i want to assign this new U Key to my Thrustmaster Filght Stick


Can somebody tell me what else i need to do ?

Key assignment 2.jpg

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In FSX/P3D there are many functions (events) that you cannot assign via the menu.



Moreover (that's is FSX, and I'm pretty sure in P3D too), you cannot assign a keystroke to a controller button via the menu; only an event.


But since you allready know how to add/change stuff in the standard.xml file, the simplest solution is:


- In P3D, assign the intended stick-button to e.g. "Lights -all (on/off)"

- Close P3D, open standard.xml and find the entry that reflects this button assignment to event ALL_LIGHTS_TOGGLE.


- Save the standard.xml, and start P3D


Should work fine now ....



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